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1319 Subsurface Rejuvenation


The 1319 infrared wavelength is absorbed by water. The energy stimulates collagen producing cells to produce new collagen.

This new collagen replaces the collagen damaged by sun, old acne and age.

The new collagen pos itself just beneath the skin.

In areas around the eyes, upper lip and stretch marks in the abdomen and other places the benefits can be satisfying, even dramatic.

Best of all, there is no damage to the top skin surface and so there is no down-time.

Treatment at noon can be complemented with an evening out, with no risk.

Because the 1319 infrared stimulates your body's own collagen producing cells, the improvement will peak at three months. The improvement, because it is your collagen and not a foreign source. will last and last.

Discomfort is at a dramatic minimum with the patented sapphire cooling window.

The Thermascan™ module evenly applies the energy of the infrared to the and intensity for safety and effectiveness.

wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, acne scars on the face, stretch marks at the stomach, breasts and hips can be safely treated.

Active acne can also be successfully treated as the infrared will shrink the over active oil glands there by decreasing the amount of P. acne bacteria.